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Have you ever found people, whether you know them or not, confiding in you? Seeking out your guidance? or just downloading "their stuff" to you?

Me too, I didn't realise at the time I was a healer, however many years ago I found myself drawn to Reiki.

Despite signing up to undertake the training I wasn't exactly sure what Reiki was. Needless to say I kind of attracted that energy in the teacher. Who whilst imparted the knowledge to me, something was missing from her teachings.

It was only 10 years later when I did my Master / Teacher training that I realised that something was the "heart" of what Reiki stood for. Thus I have aimed to ensure I incorporate that heart energy, which is the joy and and passion of what Reiki is.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality. Traditionally it is used as a stress management and relaxation technique which also promotes healing.

It is considered on of the most simple, natural and safest methods of spiritual healing.

Reiki is an easy method to learn and no prior learning or spiritual development is required. As such Reiki is not "taught" yet more so you are attuned to using this energy.

In being more receptive to Reiki energy can you use it for your own self healing journey. Yet too you can use it for family and friends.

Here's what you get:

  • Seven Lessons educating you on Reiki and the hand positions
  • Reiki I attunements ~ face to face or via skype
  • Practice session ~ face to face or via skype
  • Email support
  • Certificate - emailed upon request

Lisa Westerlaken

Lisa Westerlaken

Kinesiologist, Psychic, Reiki Master

Its been quite a journey....

Have you ever had a time where you knew you "should" make a change however ignored the signs? and kept ignoring the signs until the Universe stepped in and caused major upheaval so you had no choice other than to make a change......

Me too! Both professionally and Personally. Whilst I had wonderful success and reached many goals, underpinning this was a feeling that I was incapable. I lacked self belief and self confidence and would question myself regularly.

This was replicated in my personal life, I lacked self confidence, self worth, self love and self respect. I questioned myself, failed to speak up and doubted myself. If someone showed interest in my I would ignore the warning signs just happy that someone was willing to love me.

Worst of all I lost who I was, morphing to be what the others wanted me to be. I sought external validation rather than just simply loving who I was and seeing the value I brought to the relationship.

I was divinely guided to become a kinesiologist, together with my intuitive skills and drawing upon my personal experiences I am now creating products and conducting sessions to empower women, so the path they walk was a lot easier than my own.

Course Includes

14 Texts

5 PDFs

4 Audios